Counterfeit Kids: Why Our Students Can't Think and How to Save Them

Written by Rod Baird, a high school English teacher and published writer, Counterfeit Kids: Why Our Students Can’t Think and How to Save Them is an insider’s account of what’s really happening at “award-winning” high schools. Baird’s personal narrative reveals his own classroom experiences, traces the events that led to today’s parents’ terrified obsession with college acceptance at any cost, and describes through poignant and often hilarious anecdotes how our culture and schools dangerously acquiesce to the demands of the college rat race at the cost of children’s imaginations, intellectuality, individuality, and creativity, their very humanity.  Public education faces a crisis on a number of fronts, but Baird's impassioned plea that parents and schools are failing at their most basic mission of nurturing young people will demand the attention of us all.


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