NY Education Reform Opportunity!! A Real Chance to Have Our Voices Heard!

Hello Everyone!

I have some fantastically exciting news to share with you!  One of the members of our Counterfeit Kids Community has provided us with an invaluable opportunity...the direct ability to have our voices be heard! Please read his letter below and email me directly if you are interested.  Let's work together and make a difference!

Yesterday the Governor’s New New York Task Force on Education Reform released its preliminary report.  There is a link below where you can submit new ideas for reform to Task Force as they continue their work.  I will keep track of their hearing schedule as well.  Perhaps members of the Counterfeit Kids group can attend and testify if they hold any additional hearings.  Their voice could be helpful in shaping reforms, at least here in New York as Governor Cuomo attempts to make changes to a system the thrives on the status quo.  Many members of your group could also click on the link and express the principles outlined in Counterfeit Kids.

The following was an email I received this morning from the Governor’s office:


Dear Fellow New Yorker,

In order to ensure that our state continues on the right track to improve our schools, last April the Governor established the New NY Education Reform Commission, a group of nationally recognized education, community, and business leaders to make recommendations for future reforms in education. Over the last seven months, the Commission held public hearings in each of the 10 regions of New York, received thousands of pages of testimony, and heard from more than 300 students, parents, educators and stakeholders. 

Today, the Governor received a preliminary report from the commission. The Preliminary Education Action Plan, presented to the Governor and his cabinet by Commission Chair Richard Parsons, addresses every phase of a student’s education from the earliest days of pre-kindergarten through college and career. The Commission makes eight key recommendations:

1.     Provide high quality full-day pre-kindergarten for our most at-risk students;

2.     Create statewide models for “Community Schools” that use schools as a community hub to improve access to public, non-profit, and private services/resources, like health and social services, for students and their families;

3.     Transform and extend the school day and year to expand quality learning time for students, especially in underserved communities;

4.     Improve the teacher and principal pipeline to recruit and retain the most effective educators;

5.     Build better bridges from high school to college and careers with early college high schools and career technical education;

6.     Utilize all available classroom technologies to empower educators to meet the needs of a diverse student population and engage students as active participants in their own learning;

7.     Pursue efficiencies such as district consolidation, high school regionalization and shared services to increase student access to educational opportunities; and

8.     Increase transparency and accountability of district leadership by creating a performance management system.

Click here to view the presentation and here to view the plan.

The recommendations contained in the Commission’s Preliminary Education Action Plan represent immediate opportunities to begin developing a world-class education system in the Empire State. While this is a solid start, the Commission recognizes that there is more work to be done. A Final Action Plan will be completed in Fall 2013, as the Commission continues to engage experts and the New York community to develop further recommendations to address the complex issues that impact and drive student success.

Click here to learn more about the New NY Education Reform Commission and submit ideas.

Together, we are ensuring that our students get the education they deserve.


The Office of the Governor


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