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Additional Applause from Justin Schwamm 1/3/13

Recommendation from the Joyful Latin Learning Blog 12/31/12

  • Justin Schwamm  is a long-time high school latin teacher and founder of the Joyful Latin Learning — Tres Columnae Blog.  His notion of "Joyful Learning Communities" is really great food for thought.  His idea of a "a place, a structure, a classroom where learning happens for its own sake, not for instrumental and self-defeating purposes" is a utopia that we all should strive for.   He is currently reading Counterfeit Kids as noted in his recent blog: The Turning of the Year, I.

Recommendation from the Mental Multi-Vitamin Blogger 12/12

Book Review by Stephanie Rivera 12/6/12

Joanne Jacobs blogs about Counterfeit Kids on 11/27/12

"The Innovative Educator" Guest Blog by Rod Baird 11/23/12

Author Interview in the "Rivertowns Enterprise" 11/23/12

  • In an article entitled "Retired Teacher Calls for a Return to Learning" featured in the Rivertowns Enterprise Newspaper,Eric Lebowitz reports that Baird's Book, Counterfeit Kids "is a combination of anecdotes from Baird's teaching career and his thoughts on some of the troubling trends he has witnessed  in education...Baird got the idea for the book early on  in his new career as he began to notice children and parents more interested in getting good grades and gaining admittance to top colleges than acquiring knowledge....He became convinced of a problem when after about 3 years as an educator he began teaching primarily seniors.  As college applications were sent out and acceptances came in, intellectual curiosity dissipated and 'senioritis' set it.

    'The seniors apathy', he said, 'is a symptom of a greater problem which is that many students no longer see learning as the primary purpose of high school.  He started to record some examples he observed, compiling the stories that would eventually fill his book'... 

    'The way to save these kids is for parents to stop obsessing about what college the kid goes to and start obsessing about what the kids are learning in the classroom' Baird said.

    The purpose of the book is not to demonize anyone but rather to examine how the best schools can be better.  If teachers are permitted and willing to focus less on covering specific content and more on promoting problem-solving critical thinking and logic, they can then leave students to pursue knowledge and learn through perseverance.

    'When we do that', Baird said, 'they emerge with the greatest gift of all--character'."

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